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Hey cutie! My name is Dina, and I am the human behind Velanidi! Shop Velanidi is a polymer clay jewelry business based in Toronto, Canada, that specializes in transforming beloved foods and every day items into statement earrings.

"Velanidi" (vel-ah-NEE-dee) comes from the Greek word for acorn. My grandfather (papou) was incredibly creative and talented, collecting acorns and turning them into little charms, or giving them to my brother and I. He was always my number one supporter, and this shop is in honour of his creative spirit.

I started Shop Velanidi after I graduated from OCAD University in 2020 with a degree in illustration. I had always been a creative person, and graduating into the pandemic gave me ample time to explore new mediums and find which creative avenue was best for me. I discovered polymer clay, experimented with different styles and designs, and eventually landed on making earrings. At the end of 2020, my orange bag earrings went viral on TikTok, thus catapulting my shop into what it is today! 

I now specialize in polymer clay miniature food earrings, with my produce bag collection being the most popular and unique to Velanidi! It uses real recycled mesh bags, which are cut and hand stitched to hold tiny handmade clay foods, like oranges, garlic, lemons, and more. All of our pieces are made with so much love and detail, and my goal is to bring some joy into your daily life with my fun accessories!

When I'm not busy making tiny foods, I am snuggling with my bunny, Rocky, watching pro wrestling or trash reality TV, listening to music that my emo 13 year old self enjoyed, or roaming the streets of Toronto searching for my next fave overpriced coffee shop!

I appreciate you being here and enjoying my art so much. My goal with this shop has always been to spread joy, and seeing/hearing you all love these earrings makes my heart so full!!