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each pair comes with 4 clay produce items (apple, orange, banana, and romaine lettuce), and a hand crocheted market bag. each food item is hand crafted out of high quality clay, and the bags are crocheted with tiny needles and off-white string, and attached to 18k gold plated nickel free earring hooks. you are able to remove the items inside the bag, and replace them with whatever you'd like, or arrange them however you would like.
they are still very lightweight, but may feel a little heavier if you are not used to wearing large earrings.

disclaimer: these are meant to be statement earrings and not intended for use during activities that could cause an item to fall out of the bag (ie exercise, jogging, etc). although they are quite secure, accidents can happen! therefore i would recommend being mindful and gentle when wearing them.

due to the nature of handmade products, small irregularities and imperfections may occur (ie small dents in clay, loose strings in bag, etc). no two items are the same!!

all earring findings are nickel free and hypoallergenic. if you require clip ons or prefer 925 silver plated hooks, please send me a message/leave it in the buyers note :) if you need solid sterling silver hooks (best for super sensitive ears) please add the “sterling silver hook” add on to your cart!